23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

Postby admin » Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:46 am

A new software update is now available!

With this release we have been working hard to deliver on 3 of most recurrent points brought forward by our users.

Battery life: the battery life has now been improved. You should be able to notice a an extra usage time between 10% and 20%.
Map rotation: this is also a feature very much requested by our users. Now the user can select from the watch menu to enable the rotation of the map. if this option is chosen, the map will be orientating and the top of the Leikr screen will show the direction you are moving to.
Watch mode: In the main Menu you can find now the "watch mode" feature. By selecting "watch mode", the watch will display the current time of the day, day and date. The GPS is turned off. By pressing any key except for the power key, the watch will exit the "watch mode" and go back to the main screen.

Along with the features we have also fixed the way the HRR percentage is calculated on the watch.

The new software update will be out in a couple of hours.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

The Leikr Team
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Re: 23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

Postby Jaguar1701 » Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:13 pm


Another great update, watch mode works perfectly and map rotation is cool.
I'm also very happy with the battery improvements. I run with a heart rate monitor and footpod and am now a bit more comfortable on my long excursions !

thanks and keep on improving the Leikr !
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Re: 23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

Postby ejtnaj » Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:55 pm

I start running after the latest software update. After 5 hours the Leikr stopped working.
Keep up the good work.
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Re: 23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

Postby martin.pedersen » Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:23 am

I like the Watch mode. The map rotation I'll take a look at during my next running session.
Unfortunately the change between winter- and summertime has not been made, so to have the correct time you manually have to change the time zone in your Leikr config file and then port it to the watch.
Keep up the good work.
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Re: 23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

Postby Ashade » Mon Apr 06, 2015 11:56 pm

Excellent update. I have a bit more of experience with the watch I think I can throw out some more comments:
- Watch mode: Amazing introduction. I like it a lot and actually use it quite often. I was thinking in making it work more like a switch than like a button. Let me explain this: Now you activate the mode and as soon as you push anything the watch comes back to its normal, everything functional state. I think it would be awesome if you could still navigate through the menus and check your activities in watch mode, with everything deactivated (no GPS, no ANT+ search, no wifi unless you want to synchronize). Somehow like you activate and deactivate the sport mode. By the way, the battery life in watch mode is excellent. Somebody else mentioned that saving hours option should definitely be included, I agree.
- Battery: I think I definitely feel an increase in battery life, though I haven't had the chance to push the watch to the limit, but I don't charge it as often right now. Good job here. An auto-off screen option would be awesome, you are not constantly checking your watch while running/cycling. You could just wake it up by pushing a button. If you want the screen constantly on you can deactivate the future in settings.
- Activities: I feel I miss an option to delete them all at once. As I already mentioned somewhere else, it would be awesome if they'd show up when you connect the watch via USB. Maybe you could delete them this way.
- GPS: Maybe I'm making this up, but I think you implemented the "save position" feature as when I turn it on it stays in the last known place. Awesome improvement here, THANK YOU!! I am not sure though if it records the last known position for the satellites, but I think it's been fixing position much faster know. Anyway, I thought I'd mention it.
- Vibration: You cannot deactivate it yet. It just doesn't work.
- Instant speed: Still slow. This should be a priority in my humble opinion.
- Endomondo: The only annoyance with the endomondo sync is that you cannot choose between just syncing the routes, the activities, or both. I love endomondo interface for creating routes, and I am uploading over there now, but I am not sure if I am interested in keep updating there. It's not a big thing though.
- WiFi connection: I found a weird glitch where I'd turn on the watch at the university, ask to sync when arriving home and the watch would say it's connecting to the university WiFi (there's no way this is possible). It would sync but it wouldn't connect to your servers. Rebooting solved the issue.

Thank you for the update. Love the watch, love the rotation map feature. Please, keep up the good work.
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Re: 23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

Postby d797fni » Wed Apr 15, 2015 5:18 pm

I like the new map rotation a lot. This could be even better if you moved the "me" (current location) closer to the bottom. I'm more interested in where I'm going than where I have been. This would give the user a longer heads up on the next turn.
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Re: 23-03-2015 Software release version 1.11.32

Postby hdoehler » Tue May 05, 2015 10:23 pm

Very nice Update. I like the Watch Mode!

I missed simple GPS route upload by USB.
Is this feature under your radar? Its may simple to realize by file I/O.
In the same manner i like to download my GPS tracks.

Any body like / not like.
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