17-04-2013 Software release version 1.0.3

17-04-2013 Software release version 1.0.3

Postby admin » Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:29 pm

Dear Ambassador,
over the last weeks at Leikr we have worked diligently to gather your feedback and improve our Software.
As a result of our effort we have now a SW update ready to be sent to you.
the SW update will have the following improvements:

1) New "Lap pace" feature replacing "Speed" when selecting "Running" in sports: the "Lap pace" is calculated by averaging the instant pace over the duration of a lap.
2) New two key press "power off": instant shut down by pressing the power key and the opposite top key (the one next to the "L" of Leikr logo on the screen)
3) Better data accuracy and "stop" detection: as a consequence "auto pause" and " instant pace" readings are greately improved.
4) End session is now renamed from "Reset" to "Save".
5) Bug fix: recovery from lost GPS signal (running under a bridge): the session is not interrupted, and data will keep showing when GPS connection is reastablished.

The SW update will be downloaded automatically while syncing your device. We expect to deliver the SW update by the end of the working day.

looking forward to your feedback
the Leikr team
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