11-03-2014 Software release version 1.8.25

Re: 11-03-2014 Software release version 1.8.25

Postby Nikolaj » Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:26 pm

@sjipparen: You can choose "on/off" if you think 15 seconds is too little. We can of course add more durations to the list, however we don't want to make the list too long.
@Steve: Thanks for reporting.
@gason74: Any ANT+ compatible foot pod can be used. I know that Adidas has both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart foot pods. You can not use Bluetooth Smart foot pods with Leikr.

An unfinished workout will not be uploaded. However, it should never disappear. If you power off the watch, while you have a session going (or paused), the session should automatically be saved.
In case the watch haven't had access to time through either GPS or Wi-Fi before or during the session, the workout will be appear in the history list marked as "Uknown date". With the latest SW release you can now edit the date and time of a session in the history list. If you edit a workout session, it will be flagged for re-upload to Strava and Endomondo.

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Re: 11-03-2014 Software release version 1.8.25

Postby Sjipparen » Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:05 pm

Thank for your answere. I only think 2, 5 and 15 sec. is a short time when I use it while it`s dark. I`m only half way thrue the menu before it`s dark again.
15 sec. would have been enough if it was 15 sec. from last touch, means it would light as long as I`m still working in the menu and stop 15 sec. after finish.
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