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06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2014 12:39 pm
by admin
A new software update is now available!

This software release brings a number of major improvements:

1) Configuration of the Active screen: you can now customize your watch and configure the data visible on the Active screen: you can choose the number of tiles, the metrics you want to monitor, and the layout you prefer.

The way it works is described in the on-line user guide, however the idea is to be able to create multiple "Sports profiles" for each sport and then associate at every "Sport profile" a number of "Views". Each "View is customizable both in terms on number of parameters, type and layout.

2) Pace and Speed improvements: pace and speed are now smoother based on improved algorithms.

3) Heart rate zone training: it is now possible to configure and use both HRM and HHR profiles for HR based training.

4) Wi-Fi and ANT+ stability improvements: along with it we have stability improvements on connectivity.

The Software update with be available for download in a short while.

As this is a quite substantial release, please feedback your findings to us on

We are looking forward to hear from you!
The Leikr Team

Re: 06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:23 pm
by FBr
Dear Leikr,
Last update is a big step forward and one that can make the difference when purchasing.
After few tests of what screening suits me the most, I had the following comments:
1- Having the maps screen behind is a good thing, therefore not having it alone is not suitable when following a route for example. Moreover it could be great to have the choice between the map as it is now, the direction facing north and a bird view (Like the SIGAM ROX 10 GPS).
2- When the screen is split in 5 (One big left hand side and 4 smalls on right hand side), it could be great to have the option to have the map on the left hand side.
3- The ascent function seems very optimistic to me. First I never felt having climbed so much and when I check on STRAVA the uphill is generally 3 to 5 time less.
4- For indoor workout, I noticed that calorie counting (as time) is only taken into account when you had reached satellites before starting the workout. You can’t then start the device indoor if you want these informations. When the gym is underground it is not really practical to start the device, wait for satellites locking prior to come down the gym.
5- Last but not least, next step will have to push on battery life extension. It was already the main issue but, even if I am not able to quantify it precisely, I do noticed than since the last update the battery is running dry quicker. I am not able anymore to go further 4 hours without a charge.

Keep pushing.

Re: 06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 9:57 am
by admin
nice reporting FBr and all valid points.
Regarding indoor training and time stamp: you can get the time from Wi-Fi too. (still not optimal, we know)
thanks for the support.

Re: 06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:05 pm
by FBr

Further my previous post (17//11/14) and your answer (28/11/14) see herebelow, here are few more comments on the last software release (1.10.31):

1- My comment on the map is obsolete. You just have to creat a view with only one data that you let blank and request the map as back screen; It works perfectly. You just have to scroll between your selected views.
2- This comment is still valid. HAving a bird view will be a big improvment and a real extra value for the customer.
3- This comment is also still valid: altitude, cumulative ascent and descent are more than three times the reality.
4- This is not the most important improvment, therefore a correction will be a plus.
5- Battery is still the issue. Moreover since my last post I noticed that with a screen splitted in 6 I can't run the device more than 3.5 hours. On top of that the battery bargraph is reacting to cold. As soon as you are coming back home after a cold ride (0°c) you "gain" one bar.

2015 is a new year, Please keep pushing.
I do thing that it will be a crucial year to validate all the expection placed by your first clients in order to get a mature product.

Re: 06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:46 pm
by admin
Dear FBr,
thank you for your feedback. The current battery life is under inspection as we believe there are use cases where things don't go as expected. any feedback in regards is important.


Re: 06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:15 pm
by mkhansen
Dear Cris

I think I see some of the battery life issues you mention: A half hour workout leaves only one bar left. The battery dies completely after just a little more than an hour. I leave my watch in the charger, when not in use.

Do you need me to test something in a more structured manner?


Re: 06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:13 pm
by admin
Dear Morten,
Now some time has gone and we do not really see a real pattern for drawing any conclusion on the battery issue; we have seen very few watches reporting the problem (at the beginning we saw a peak (4 watches in a week) and we where afraid it could have turn in an epidemic, but it really fast stopped again and now we dont have any significant battery reports anymore)
However if anyone sees a battery life of one hr then we would like to make contact and take action.

Re: 06-11-2014 Sofware release version 1.10.31

PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:20 pm
by mkhansen
Good to know, it's not an epidemic ;-) My watch unfortunately still have the issue, so I'll send you an email.