End of my experience with LEIKR

End of my experience with LEIKR

Postby FBr » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:31 am

End of my life with LEIKR after 3 years and a half.

I, finally, give up with LEIKR after 3.5 years of good will and 5 different units.
I bought my LEIKR in February 2013 and then started to use it straight forward.
At the beginning I experimented troubles (Mainly software’s’) but updates were quite quick and it was the journey start for the company.
I tried to give feedback as much as I can in order to (I hoped) point in the users wish direction.
It was quite irritating to have so many bugs but the worst was the battery life.
Therefore after few bugs and, finally a frozen device I got my first change.
Sadly problems continued with same issues and new ones (HRM rejected by the watch), very slow GPS acquisition………
Despite a forum not that active, I had few answers by writing directly to LEIKR. In fact to have a proper answer it was the most efficient way: Writing to both LEIKR by email and letting the same post on the forum. Generally answer popped up within a week.
Software issues still being ….. an issue, I then got my second replacement watch…….followed few months later by the 3rd one.
For the 4th replacement it was a casing issue: it cracked and split in two. But software was still unstable and I still got the HRM rejected from time to time. Battery life did not improved a lot and GPS fix could still take up to 15 minutes being stand still with a beautiful bleu sky……
During that time the forum was slowly dying and answers to my emails needed to get more and more reminder (s).
It still have the same software problems. Peoples at LEIKER asked me not to give up on them 6 months ago but during that time I got two replacement devices without any improvement.
I was, candidly expecting a happy ending but it seems that LEIKR is definitively dead.
For the past year I was, when asked, still objectively answering but now I do not recommend to anybody to go for such a device that seems to have no future anymore.
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Re: End of my experience with LEIKR

Postby WRP » Tue Sep 13, 2016 6:36 am

Unfortunately this is exact the way I have gone these days :-(
It's a pity cause the Leikr would have some capabilities. But they never were able to exhaust the Leikr to these capabilities.

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