Feed back after 18 months

Feed back after 18 months

Postby FBr » Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:16 am


I would like to give my feed back after 18 months.
I will not talk about the soft and the use (Done through my other posts) but I would like to focus on the casing and the aspect.

Generally I had to say that the casing is ageing quite quickly.
I had two devices (You replaced the first one for waterproofing issues).
Therefore it gave to me the opportunity to compare two LEIKRS.

1- Weight. It is always good to wear.
2- Screen: Not a scratch.
3- Strap: Reliable even if I have some kind of stain/rust on the buckle of the second one (Higlighted in a previous post).
4- Buttons: Reliable.
5- Vibration: Strong enough for a good feeling.

1- One connector is ageing quicker (See attachment). It has (yet) no impact on the charging. It happens on both my LEIKRs.
2- White case is not the best option: After few dirty mountain bike rides, even with a straight forward cleaning, it is now brownish.
3- Waterproofing, even if it has been changed Under warranty.
4- Marking that disapears on the second device's back (See attachment).

Even if it will cost a little bit more, the Mark 2 device will have to get a stronger, better finished casing in order to have the feeling of a stronger product.
It could be an option when ordering, titanium case could be one solution the keep the weight (and compensate the extra weight of a stronger battrey '-) ).

Keep pushing.
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Re: Feed back after 18 months

Postby admin » Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:44 pm

Dear FBr,
thanks for the feedback,
we agree with your pros and cons.
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