Zoom is needed, Leikr would be so much better.

Zoom is needed, Leikr would be so much better.

Postby kjib » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:41 pm

I recently ran with the Leikr in Prague, never having been there before (so I don't know the place). The main thing I want the Leikr for is the map in a handier format than my phone. It did help me find my way out of Mala Strana park but only because I could see the river & that allowed me to then look at the paths on the Leikr to work out which to take. I then ended up back in the city and realised I'd gone wrong for getting back to my hotel. Annoyingly, even though I knew I must be a tiny distance from the correct place I'd taken a turn too early. If I could have zoomed out (and or pan) I'd be able to see where I started and then work out how to get there but instead I ended up asking several people (who didn't speak any/must English). A 1 hour run turned into a 1 hour 20 run so not the end of the world but if I'd been training hard and hit the wall around the hour mark I'd no longer be enjoying myself or my experience with the Leikr.

As a suggestion, perhaps there could be a map preference mode so, if necessary, you can sacrifice easy access to the running stats and have zoom/pan/centre or something like that. Please?
Another suggestion, a direction/distance pointer to start (even if "as the crow flies") might be a handy thing to (optionally) overlay on the map, perhaps as something you can activate from the menu under an "I'm lost" section!
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