GPS all over the place

GPS all over the place

Postby Mukey999 » Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:23 pm

Can someone please help me with the GPS accuracy on my watch
I am new to the watch and to forum. The first run I did from home and the GPS worked well the second run I did some way from home and the GPS was all over the place. Off road on road ,double backing. It apparently had four to six satellites but something is not right.
From previous posts there is something called first time to fix. What is this? Also how do I search for any topics on this forum. If I put any wording in the search box it comes back saying it is too common a wording, with everything I put in.
Whilst I like the idea of the leikr watch it is very unuser friendly, support is a little bit awkward and clunky. The watch and idea is good it just needs to be slightly apple-ised so it is slicker integration between user and watch.
Has all the feel of great tech background but not a lot of thought gone into the use ability and been slick interface.
For instance if you are changing the time on the gmt settings if you accidentally go forward an hour you have to go all the way through the list to get it back to +1 hour. Unless I am doing something wrong.
Any help on the GPs would be gratefully received and also am keen to know if anyone else finds the usability awkward and clunky or is it just me being picky?
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Re: GPS all over the place

Postby SteveK » Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:08 pm

I am getting exactly the same issues with GPS accuracy. Two runs of the last three have been measured so inaccurately it is ridiculous. I can feel the watch vibrating as GPS kicks in and out, and I'm in a good open position just outside of Swindon.
I have reset the watch and double checked the firmware version and re-synced just in case. But still dodgy GPS.
This is not what I paid 300+ Euros for. Hoping for some assistance before I pack the watch up and send it back.
Steve Kingston
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