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GPS not engaging

PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:14 am
by lhs96105
Hi, I have tried for over one week now to get this watch to work, but to no avail. GPS "managed" to engage once, but then ... it was all over the map.

Ever since it simply fails to pick the signal. Quite ridiculous. I wear my tomtom watch next to it, never ever any problem, so I know how it is supposed to work. Let alone my smartphone, which tells me where I am.

Leikr, you failed! I want my money back. All of it !! You promise 10sec for GPS pick-up, but you are in breach of this promises! Well, your watch is useless really.

Another thing, the quality of the watch finish is appalling. The glue sticking from corners of the screen all around, plastic not finished. Have you actually seen professional devices on the market?