Will there be battery life improvements?

Will there be battery life improvements?

Postby mcbadger » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:29 am

The Sticky post at the top of this forum dates from June 2013 and describes the properties of the Leikr hardware which make the builders confident they can significantly increase the battery life.
That's 16 months ago; we have seen a number of new firmware releases, which have given us useful new features, but no improvement in battery life.
Realistically, do you think we can hope for some improvement?

The Leikr is by a long way my watch of choice for following a planned course, but I've had it run out in three and a half hours before now and this does limit its use; my planned courses tend to be my longer runs/hikes, as there aren't too many places I can get lost within two miles of my home!
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Re: Will there be battery life improvements?

Postby admin » Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:12 am

Dear mcbadger,
we are happy to hear that your Leikr is your watch of choice.
We did have some improvements on battery life, but not as significant as we were hoping so far.
however, 3,5 hrs are not what you should see.
We would like you to write a mail to Leikrteam@acornprojects.dk with your device number and software version.

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