08-09-2013 Software release version 1.7.10

08-09-2013 Software release version 1.7.10

Postby admin » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:10 pm

A new software update is now available!

This release will make your Leikr watch capable of connecting to any commercially available ANT+ enabled heart rate monitor.

To connect your Leikr for the first time to a compatible heart rate monitor:
1.Wear yor heart rate monitor on your chest and bring your Leikr close to it.
2.On the watch go to "Menu"->"Settings"->"Accessories"->"Add heart rate monitor" to start the scanning. A progress bar will appear.
3.When the accessory is connected the heart icon will appear solid on the screen.

After the first time pairing, you can reconnect the heart rate monitor by pressing the top and bottom keys on the right side of your Leikr simultaneously.
If the scanning does not detect your heart rate monitor, try to bring the watch closer to your chest. If you can still not pair your accessory, replace the accessory battery.

This is quite a big step on our development path and we hope it will add significant value to your training.
The new software update will be out in a couple of hours.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you
The Leikr Team
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